Toast of Hockeytown 2011


Okay, so I had a fabulous time, of course. I always do.  I was pretty silly, again.  It’s kinda my M.O.  Maybe?!  Idk.  Anyway. First things first!! I had a mission from Stevie to deliver the most kick-ass coloUring book ever created.  So I did that VERY first thing.  Emmerton LOVED it!! He kept saying, “This is awesome.  This is great.  This is unreal.”  AWWWW.  He said he had to show someone (Commie, I think).  And was excited to have something to do on the next flight.  Your work was definitely appreciated, Stevie!!  Thank you for letting me be your delivery girl. ❤    Okay, so then we kinda puttered around a bit and took some random photos.  I decided to be silly in a few of them and do pin-up girl poses. WHAT?? Don’t look at me with that tone of voice… I’ve been to a lot of these events now, and if I want to be silly in photos with Red Wings, that is my right.  😉    I did ask first, for the most part.  Well, I kinda TOLD Zetterberg (that picture will never see the internet as I wound up making a creeptastic face), which earned me an eye roll.  YESSSS.  *fist pump*  Zetterberg thinks I’m ridiculous.  He’s completely right, of course.  LOVE IT.

Anyway, here are some pics with me with Red Wings that came out alright and don’t have any silly stories to accompany them.

with Val Filppula

with Mule

with Ty Conklin, OMG. Look at that 'stache.

with Drew Miller

Okay, so like I said, I want to do some pin-up-esque poses with the guys, because I’m a goofball and my dress and hair were all totally vintage.  Some of them were GREAT about it.  Helm was afraid I was going to “throw a leg up” on him on him, so he declined, and Miller was like, “Uhhhhh. Uhhhhh,” I just told him never mind and that I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.  And I didn’t, I don’t think.  I can handle rejection.  Though it DID make us (Jenn, Claire and I) point out to the players who were cool with my goof-tastic poses that Helm seemed too scared to do it.  Which earned the comment from Homer, “Oh ya?  Ya, he’s young.  He’s scared, like a puppy.”  PUPPY. HOMER SAID THE WORD PUPPY.  ABOUT HELM. IF YOU DON’T FIND THAT CUTE, YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN.  XD

Abby was cool with my posing, as was Homer, but those pics didn’t turn out (too blurry).  A shame, but I’m not mad.  How could I be when I had such an awesome time?!

Anyway, as far as poses went, Eaves was hilarious about it.  He was like, “Whatever you gotta do, I guess!” and then laughed.  So one normal pic with Eaves, then one goofy pin-up girl one:

This is my favorite pic of the night, because he's laughing at me WHILE the pic is being taken.

I didn't say anything to Datsyuk, just kinda did a *slight* pose. 🙂

With Ian White, who doesn't look like a hockey player at all, but who is SUPER nice!

Ericsson... had no idea what I was up to, I don't think. I tried to explain it, but it was lost in translation. Haha.

Kindl... couldn't have been more "down" for anything. He was actually kind of excited about the idea and emulated my pose a bit!

Kindl is a blast.    He said Europeans are more fun than North Americans, complimented me on my hair (and I quote, “I like your hair! Damn!”), put his hand on Jenn’s shoulder and then asked HER if that was okay, and kept swearing as he talked to us. He seems really  natural and not shy.  This is the first time I’ve gotten to talk to him without Hudler around, and he’s more fun that way. Hudler’s DEFINITELY got the stronger personality of the two, but without him around Kindl is more talkative and fun. ^_^

with Mr. Niklas Kronwall, the sweetest, friendliest guy on the planet.

Uh yeah.  It has been WELL established that I have a very fangirl crush on Kronner.  And he knows it. It has been well established that he is SUPER nice, friendly, fun and a total tease.  So I really don’t have to go into that part.  I’ll tell you that he said I looked gorgeous.  SO sweet of him.  I saw him hugging fans left and right.  He just seems like a fabulous person.  Squeeeeeeee.  If you ever get the chance to talk to him, DO IT!! He is SO genuinely wonderful.

And really, that’s that?  A total post of squee and photos, like every year.  I had a lot of fun.  I don’t know if I’m going to go next year, though.  Each year we go the Wings are there for shorter and shorter time periods (they used to stay the whole time, now they show up later and leave earlier).  And it is a LOT of money, and not all of that is a charitable donation, so I’d probably be better off just donating some of the cost of the ticket directly to the Red Wings foundation.  I’ll see when next year comes around.  ^_^



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  1. Such great pictures!! I especially love the ones with Eaves & Kindl. They’re two of my favorites among all the awesome guys on the team, so those pics make me love them even more. Especially Eaves laughing.

    Helm = puppy. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    I also love your dress.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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